What will my blend be?

This won’t be about coffee, where I’m pretty much sold on Veracruz. This is about blended language learning.


And it starts with the design process, which is something that definitely is something to keep me up at night. I started teaching a couple of years ago now, and after some time following the book, I got bored and started to feel a grind. Where was my control over my class, if I was following strictly the book? So I started digging and found various approaches from various persons, who had pondered that question long before me.
No matter whom I listen to, it boils down for me to the backwards design approach, in which the outcomes are set first. The designer than works his way down through the assessment and practice activities and finally decides on the tools and materials used in the course. Great! That really makes sense, my problem now, is only to be consistent and stay focused on one course and totally design it out. Yeah, my problem is, that I am right now teaching in total around 20 hours a week, spread over 6 courses, located at 3 different schools (with different materials / books) and a private student. (I guess any non-uni language teacher can relate)
So not only am I trying to design a blended language course from scratch but also try to integrate blended activities into my ongoing courses, which, to be honest, don’t really have a written syllabus behind them, except for the ones that are following a book.

Looks like before anything, I need to sort out my chaos and see how to get more organized. And that is a whole other topic to write about.

So, for the sake of this series, I will assume, that I have the comfort of sitting undisturbed at my desk and am setting out to design a course from scratch. What will it be?

A self-paced online course for German A2, where students use online tools and resources to complete various real world based tasks, such as transportation research, shopping, planning of events, discussion within a group, etc.

Blend mode 1000. Maybe this goes beyond blending, who knows but I’m taking the BlendKit2014 Canvas course, which has me writing blog posts, a good thing, and at the same time I’m trying to brake free from the shackles of provided learning materials and produce my own materials and activities to align them better with my course ideas. So there is that. And since I don’t have the time to do both separately, my course project will be my work project.

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